About Us

I, like most in this business, started out as a hobbyist in 2008. I went big and set up a 220-gallon display right off the bat. I got involved with the local reef clubs and frag swaps and the love for coral began. I was instantly drawn to everything about salt water coral—figuring out what to feed, learning the best placement for each type, watching them grow and change. All of this led me to develop a system in cultivating many exceptional, high end and rare coral.

We’re a small but perfectly formed business that maintains over thousand-gallon coral farm. Most of our inventory start out as small frags that we aquaculture and acclimate for aquariums before new frags are made. After participating in frag swaps for over 10 years we’ve decided to open up our on-line shop and take our company to the next level.

At Reef Donkey Corals we use our experience and knowledge gained to provide the healthiest and most beautiful coral available. We know what made us happy as hobbyists and use these expectations to maintain our standards as we grow. Our mission is to share our happiness and success with all of our customers.